Look, mum! I’m famous!

The wonderful, intelligent, stunning, and consistently fabulous Becky, over at Page Turners, has featured me in her weekly segment, ‘Lights Camera Blog Action!’

So if you ever wanted to know more about me (and, really, who wouldn’t?), head on over there now to read my interview. But I make no promises about being entertaining. What am I? A dancing monkey?

… If, however, you are here from Page Turners: welcome! Seat yourself down, get comfy, and have a look around whilst I get you a drink. It will, most likely, be a cup of tea.


10 responses to “Look, mum! I’m famous!

  1. Thanks for the adjectives!

  2. I didn’t come here from page turners but I did stumble across it and I think it’s fabulous, so I’m adding you to my blogroll!

  3. Well of course, was there ever a doubt?


  4. Dennis Sheehan

    Great interview with page turners, llona. Glad to see all of the success you are having. Looking forward to more.


  5. Great interview and congratulations. Though, personally, I’m very fond of dancing monkeys, so I find your comments on them to be a bit offensive — Kidding! Wink! Exclamation point!

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