Free haikus for all!

For the next 48 hours, my dears, the Got Books? Event will be running to celebrate all things books. Er, book bloggers. Today is also the Book Hop over at Crazy for Books. To join in all the festivities, yours truly is running a contest – my first ever! – to giveaway a book. And not just any book, oh no. This book is worth one hundred great books.

Is your interest piqued? Are you on the edge of your seat?

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, my dears, it’s none other than One Hundred Great Books in Haiku by David Bader!


I mentioned One Hundred Great Books in Haiku briefly during an earlier review – I’d got this book about two weeks ago, and thought that it was so spectacular that I bought another copy just for you! (Also because the 100 books dealio matches my blog rather nicely, but mostly for you).

If you’re curious about this book, below is a little teaser – one of my favourites – for Vladimir Nabokov‘s Lolita:

Lecherous linguist –

he lays low and is laid low

after laying Lo.

I bet you’re just itching to enter, right? Right? So here’s how it all works:

  1. Fill in the entry form below
  2. Wait with bated breath
  3. Win!*

* Disclaimer: The Friande accepts no responsibility for entrants’ existing levels of good karma :)

In fact, have some Obligatory Fine Print for your reading pleasure:

  • Entries are open to everyone, in any part of the world, regardless of subscription status to The Friande, the nature of their blog, or even if they have a blog.
  • Each person gets one entry only.
  • The prize is a Popular Penguins’ edition of One Hundred Books in Haiku by David Bader, published last month. The prize will be drawn using
  • The winner will be announced on The Friande, so that the less fortunates could have somewhere to direct their jealousy. I will also contact the winner by email to arrange particulars.
  • If, after seven days, the winner has not replied, the prize will be redrawn, and so on and so forth.
  • The competition runs from today, Friday 23 July 2010, until 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time Sunday 25 July 2010 (I know the Got Books? Event says Saturday, but I’m a day ahead of America).
  • All competition entries will be treated with the strictest of confidence, and email addresses will only be used for the purposes of contacting the winner. Say no to spam, kids!

So if you are here from the Got Books? Event or the Blog Hop, welcome. If you are a regular, welcome back. Whoever you are, fill in the entry form below, feel free to leave some haikus in the comments, and good luck!

One more thing: As per Blog Hop rules, I need to tell you guys about the book I’m currently reading: Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie. Quite impressed by Rushdie’s writing ability – he keeps me eagerly turning the pages. Despite the fact I have about zero interest in India’s independence from the British Empire. Oh, and there’s some magic realism thrown in.

Click here for entry form

(Sorry kids, you’ve missed out)


39 responses to “Free haikus for all!

  1. Stopping by via the hop! Great blog, great comp, interesting sounding book! :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Yea! a contest!
    I am a pretty regular reader of your lovely blog, but I don’t comment much because of severe limitations in writing.

    I hope I win!

  3. This seems like so much fun–thanks for the contest!

  4. Hey, I found you on the hop. I like the looks of the books you are reading!

  5. Hey Ilona – thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours has made me snort with laughter (that’s a good thing, though I’m not sure what the people sat around me thought). Look forward to reading more!

  6. Ooo. Didn’t know there was a blog hop! Congrats on your first giveaway and again for your blog award. Yep, that’s right. I chose ‘The Friande’ for an award and you can pick it up from my blog whenever you like.

    Now, I’m off to join the Blog hop!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My husband just finished reading Hitchhikers Guide too for the 10th time. We both love Douglas Adams. You have a great blog and I am following you on GFC. Have a great weekend.

  8. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Your blog his hilarious (love the Voltaire entry) and this book of haikus looks great!

    • Well, that makes two of us, since I seem to love Voltaire! I know you’re taking a break from Jonathan Strange, but I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts at the end of that behemoth.

  10. nom nom nom :p a contest! This was a difficult task, only because I have already read several of the books that are on your list. So I was taking into consideration the books you read already to decide if you needed a “break” in your read or a challenge…because I love reading your reviews so very much! So I have entered. Forgive the “list.” I had to work my way though to a decision somehow.

    • Haha it’s ok, you’re not the only that’s given me a few options – but you ARE the only one that gave me five. I’ll just take it as a sign of your love :)

  11. Stopping by to return your hop visit —

    That book looks interesting — even if I don’t win I think I will pick it up.

    I just finished Midnight’s Children a few weeks ago — it was ok but I didn’t love it. It was an interesting perspective of India’s history, though.

    • Well I’m glad to hear that about the haiku book :)
      It’s interesting – I’m only about 200 pages in to Midnight’s Children, and I don’t particularly like the story, but I’m fascinated by the perspective provided.

  12. Great job on the post and such an original prize! Gotta love the sample there…
    Thanks for helping to spread the bookish love…happy reading!

  13. Great blog! Good luck with your contest!

    My Own Little Corner of the World

  14. Howdy,

    How have I not found your blog until now? No matter, I’m subscribing right now and I look forward to reading all your posts.

    Great contest too…the Lolita haiku is just about perfect…I’m in it to win it!

  15. Hi there, just wanted to say thank you for having such a great giveaway. I love the idea of a book of haikus on books!

    • Thanks – I saw it and couldn’t resist! A friend and I played ‘read the haiku and I’ll guess the book’, which was highly entertaining. Mind you, we were slightly sleep deprived at the time.

  16. Doreen Riopel

    Very awesome. I entered and signed up by email.

  17. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  18. Such a fantastic giveaway and review! Also, thank you so much for hosting your international giveaway and for being a part of Got Books?!

  19. I missed the deadline!
    Odd that so many classics
    make sense as haiku.

      If I had a second prize, it would have been on it’s way to you as we speak. Unfortunately, I don’t, and you’ll have to make do with my incomprehensible squeeing. Yay and thank you!

  20. Pingback: Free haikus for … uh … one? « The Friande

  21. I wanna put you on my RSS feed at work Ilona as I get bored. How do you do it??

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