46. Anne of Green Gables, and Ilona of The Friande

Some of you may remember my haiku giveaway a while back – it was actually a blatant excuse for getting reading recommendations from randoms.

I even made a pie chart of the most recommended books, one of which was Anne of Green Gables. You spoke, and I answered: Anne of Green Gables has finally been both read and reviewed by yours truly. Interested in my thoughts? You’d better be.

However, you won’t find my commentary here. No, my young padawans, you must go on a quest (or simply click your mouse, whichever terminology you prefer) to read my Guest Review over at The Blue Bookcase. It’s a bit of a different format to what I’m used to, so let me know your thoughts.

The most recommended books (by three or more people).

If you are here from The Blue Bookcase – hi! My name’s Ilona, I can’t stand long walks on the beach, and there’s no way I’m going to tell you my star sign because you could be some creepy stalker. I started this reading 100 Books thing a few months ago. It was actually after I got tired of people telling me I couldn’t insult Jane Austen until I had read her work. Pfft, details, details; I found my oh-so-witty insults were definitely warranted.

Anyway, have a look around, say hello, and feel free to curl up on my (metaphorical) couch with a good book.

Item the second: Todd Pack was kind enough to pass on another of those Versatile Blogger awards to me here. I’ve previously received the award before, so click here if you’re interested in my natterings about myself.

Item the third: The Book Blog Hop – I decided to participate this weekend, and the question was: When you write your reviews do you write them as you’re reading or after you finished the book? Um, I write them when I’m done with the book, but I also have a notebook to write notes in because I have a terrible long-term memory. Actually, as soon as I write something down, it gets etched into my long-term memory, thereby making the notebook kind of pointless. Except that it isn’t. But you know what I mean.


16 responses to “46. Anne of Green Gables, and Ilona of The Friande

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  2. Hi I hopped over on the Friday Blog Hop. I’ve never been to your blog before. Are you reading the 100 books before you die in any particular order? What happens when you finish? I hope you don’t die. I didn’t answer the question of the blog this week…thought it was a boring question, but I am busy blogging about Banned Book Week which starts tomorrow. Take a look.


    • I’m not reading the list in any order – mostly it depends on the availability at my library and what I feel like. I’m not too sure what would happen when I finished; I guess I’d want to avoid looking at literature for a while.
      Yep, the question wasn’t too fun to answer, but that’s a good since I had a few other important things to mention in my post.
      Banned books are always fun, will go and take a peek…

  3. I love lists. I’m crazy about lists. The fact that your blog is one long list…totally rocks! Definitely have a new follower here! (I found you through the Blog Hop).

  4. Hopping by to visit! I have to keep notes as I’m reading, too, or I’ll forget the important details or the first impressions I got from certain characters.

    • It’s interesting that a book’s ending – whether good or bad – can influence a reader’s impression. Which is why I keep notes (plus it gives me a chance to practice my handwriting!). Thanks for the visit!

  5. Hi, stopping by on the Hop. I envy your patience in reading the top 100- I go off the track far too much!

  6. Hi! I’ll go over to read your review shortly. Love the pie chart!

  7. That graph is adorable. Anne of Green Gables is one of my all time favorites. I say ‘Depths of despair’ a little too much because of her. Glad to have found your blog, looking forward to reading more!

    • Haha, I like making graphs. Anne’s vocab is very catchy, isn’t it? It’s a shame when she started talking more like a “grown up” at the end of the book. Thanks for the comment!

  8. I remember your contest! I followed you over to your guest post and commented there when you originally posted this article. Coming back to do follow-up on your homepage post. I do not think I have the patience for the pleasantries of ‘Green Gables.’ Had I lived during those preceding times, and under similar conditions like those in the book, I may have gone mad and ran outta there!

    • Yeah, I saw your comment, thanks! Definitely, all those pleasantries & having to be domestic because I was a girl would be very annoying. Defintely wouldn’t be able to live in those times. That being said, Anne of Green Gables doesn’t have that many pleasantries etc because the heroine is still young – she does have plenty of adventures, though, so maybe you could read a couple of chapters and see what you think?

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