68. Bridget Jones’s… no! The Friande’s Diary

Dear diary,

Another fabulous day in the sun, finishing up Bridget Jones’s Diary, and getting my tan ready for summer. Unfortunately, the sun seemed intent on moving from one side of the sky to another, so now half my body is tanner than the rest. Meaning that, despite my detest for tan lines, there is a (note: singular) bikini line next to my left collarbone.


On to less pressing matters: like pretty much everyone I know, I’d watched the movie version of Bridget Jones’s Diary before reading Helen Fielding’s book. Luckily, this was ages ago, so I wasn’t stuck second-guessing the plot every five seconds (which, by the way, occured whilst reading His Dark Materials).

Have a bullet point list of Thoughts on the book: 

  • It inspired manifestations of LOL-ness at most inopportune moments i.e. when in public
  • Brutally honest (particularly the bit about a woman’s relationship with food)
  • Basically, some nice, easy reading…
  • … Holy shit – what if I turn out to be a 30-something Singleton in a dead-end career?!
  • Cue panic
  • Appease panic with some marzipan coated in dark chocolate

Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones

The other day (by which I mean Halloween), I went over a friend’s to watch DVDs, and we ended up with Bridget Jones’s Diary, amongst other, decidedly non-scary, movies. Though, I suppose, it depends on your definition of scary; for me, that impromptu speech at the book launch party of Bridget’s was plenty frightening.

Obviously, I’d forgotten how funny Renée Zellweger was.

You, my dearest diary of them all, know how I suffer from secondary embarrassment, so it was unsurprising that I spent a significant portion of the movie hiding behind a pillow in sympathetic shame to Bridget’s antics. As a book-lover (which, ew, I sound like someone who wears aprons and unfashionable reading glasses by turns), I’m naturally apprehensive about movie adaptions, but it seems that the Chick Lit genre is far more tolerable in movie form. See Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Devil Wears Prada. Clearly, the camera is mightier than the pen.

Helen Fielding

Ok, so I’ve just come back from practising some Google-fu and have learnt that:

  • Lilly Allen is involved in a musical adaption of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Will this make it’s way down to Australia, I wonder? Methinks not. Sigh.
  • Helen Fielding named her kids Dash and Romy. Poor, poor kids. Or are they puppies? Perhaps reindeer? Speaking of which, Jamie Oliver named his kid Buddy Bear. Wtf. Though I suppose celebs can at least afford future psychological help for their little darlings.
  • There is a third novel/movie in the works. Rather exciting, yes? Oh, and the book was first conceptualised in a column for some British newspaper (which is where the much anticipated third novel may be found).

I guess I should bring my first (and last) diary entry to a close. Actually, Bridget Jones never started her entries with the words ‘dear diary’, instead listing her weight, cigarette and alcohol intake for the day. Probably because she didn’t want to sound like a 13-year-old girl.

Oh, and since you were wondering, my darling diary, I didend up (sort of) celebrating Halloween – I watched Supernatural’s ‘The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester’ during a handy suburb-wide blackout.

(Btw, has anyone noticed that all the recent books I’ve read either had the number 4 or 6 in their 100 Books’ list number? Bizarre.)

Love, The Friande


14 responses to “68. Bridget Jones’s… no! The Friande’s Diary

  1. I hope you had as much fun with the book as I did reading your review. I detest Bridget Jones for my own personal reasons and I am not going to read or/and watch any of blasted movies or books about her. RIP dear diary. I am going to increase my chocolate intake.

    • Haha, thank you. Yes, I remember my ‘dear diary’ days well … lots of pre-adolescent whining & pics cut out of magazines. I think everyone should increase their chocolate intake – it’s good for people emotionally :)

  2. i was expecting you to hate the book and then whammo you didn’t. i too found myself in public with burst of laughter spewing forth. sure it’s another story about some broad wanting a super boyfriend but it’s very honest. love reading your reviews. cheers!

    • Haha, why were you expecting me to hate the book? I know I detest romance, but I thought the book was so much more than that. But I still think the movie was better (only because it was funnier). Thanks!

  3. Great review.

    I’ve never been able to finish the movie for some reason. Now Confessions of a Shopaholic, that movie was the bees knees I tell you lol.

    • Confessions was awesome! I had pretty low expectations (probably because of the book), but I spent the entire hour and a half cracking up when I wasn’t drooling over the clothes. And the end killed me – all those clothes… the amazing job :( gah..

  4. I loved Bridgett Jones Diary (the movie). I figured if I were to fall in love, then that was how it was going to happen to me! Back to reality, life just does not happen as it does in the movies, which is a real bummer because the books and movies only amplify how much life can actually suck! But not your post, as it was a delightful read. I agree, the movie was indeed fantastic and it was on here just today in fact! Marvelous post!

    • Haha thanks! That’s why I don’t like books that deal with depressing topics and have unhappy endings – life sucks enough, no need to give up some good escapism fodder. It sucks because in the Bridget Jones sequel (well, movie, I haven’t read the book), Hugh Grant comes back and there is much angsting. Good movie – it was funny – but I liked her with Colin Firth doing her happily ever after. So I refuse to read the sequel…

  5. Thank you so much for this post! I am drowning in study and assignments for my Master’s at the moment (hence why I haven’t posted on my own blog for AGES), and needed a laugh which you well provided. I absolutely adore the movie, especially the rather effeminate fight between Darcy and Daniel, punctuated by a chorus of “happy birthday what’s his face” in the restaurant. Oh no, now I want to go watch it and not study! One week to go…

    • Oh, I wondered were your blog had disappeared to – I was afraid you’d grown tired of blogging. I’m glad that’s not the case! Hehe, that fight between Darcy and Daniel was hilarious, but I felt so sorry for Darcy when Bridget yelled at him. Happy to be of service!

  6. I loved Bridget Jones’s Diary. I was on a plane, when I read this many years ago and the other passengers must have thought I was insane. I just get bursting into hysterical laughter. I really don’t think I’ve had as much fun with a book since. And I loved the movie. People expect for me to love only “L”iterature or literary fiction or serious fiction because I have taught high school English and now college writing course, but honestly…

    Sigh. I get rather bored by the debates about the merits of literature and the work of trying to define it. At the end of the day, I am exhauted. I am also burdened enough by the stresses of real life, not to have to worry about the “quality” and “value” of what I read. This was a funny book.

    • Haha, I’m so glad I didn’t read this on a plane! I completely agree, sometimes you need something light to clean the palate. Literature is good and all, but sometimes I don’t want deep and meaningful – I just want something fun. It’s hard finding that ‘something fun’, since most chick lit books are really not to my taste. Actually, this reminds of another funny ‘diary’ book from when I was a kid – the Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging series. It was about a teenager, but absolutely hilarious. Though i don’t know if I’m still going to find it as funny…

  7. I’ve never read the books, but I did see the first movie. I found it surprisingly endearing, largely due to Zelwegger’s cuddly cute (yet awkward) charm, but also because the story was more than just a bunch of shallow stereotypes and an overload of wangsty cheap drama. Rather, it was a downright poignant tale of isolation and self-doubt and sincere efforts to cope.

  8. i loved the book as well as the movie,glad it is in the list!

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